Twilight of Chaos

Look Who's Coming To Dinner

First Contract


Trenton City Outskirts
Kied, Chaos March
5 March 3067
0820 Local

“Ripper One, enemy VTOL’s are spotting for precision guided munitions. Come left to 180 and begin skysweep”

“Negative Overlord. Command is withdrawing under damage clause. Raiders have negotiated cessation of hostilities within the city limits.”

“…Copy Traffic, Ripper One.”

The towering columns of smoke from the burning warehouses begins to fade into the distance as the command loads up, beginning the retreat march to the Landing Zone. The recovery crews swarming over the immobiliezed Schiltrons, hooking up the tow cables to pull them onto the recovery flatbeds. The unit Laggered around the recovery operations, discussing the unit’s first mission.

All in all, the concensus amongst the command staff indicated that things went pretty well on the maiden voyage. The Schiltrons had been outfitted for maximum artillery throw weight, and the TAG equipped scout section had performed to perfection. The target buildings had been identified in short order and pummeled to oblivion through precision artillery strikes. Zero collateral damage. The enemy scout elements had proven a nasty suprise, racing around the flanks to make attack runs on the Artillery. Legs had accounted for the first hovertank kill, eliminating a Drillson Hovertank with a precice strike at the rear of the fast turning tank.

The attack on the artillery elements had drawn back practically the entire command. Leaving the Heavy Tank Element almost unsupported as it made it’s way up the main street. Only the quick thinking of the command staff in offering a cease fire had obviated any additional casualties.

One task now remained. Salvaging the damaged vehicles and making the long haul back to the Drop Zone…

Objective One: Completed
Objective Two: Completed

Total Victory


FoxFang FoxFang

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