Lieutenant Joshua Kaes

Commander of Baker Company, Martha's Batallion, Wolf's Dragoons Delta Regement.


A thin, wiry man, Joshua exudes the confidence of a Dragoon in their prime. Dark black hair is buzzed short, allowing for better connections with his neurohelmet, a set of dark blue eyes and narrow features giving him a hawk-like appearance. Typically seen either in the slate-blue Dragoon’s coveralls or his mechwarrior pilot suit, on vary rare occasions he’ll sport the black and red Dragoon’s Dress Uniform.

Command: Baker Company, Martha’s Batallion, Wolf’s Dragoons Delta Regement

Battlemech: Hellbringer (Primary) (Clan Tech, 65 tons)

Piloting: 4
Gunnery: 3


Personnel Jacket for Lt. Kaes indicates he was one of the many war orphans adopted by the dragoons surrounding the War of 3039 Originally from the Steiner half of the Federated Commonwealth.

Lieutenant Joshua Kaes

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