Kurt Russel Villanueva

Men Shen pilot/whipping boy


Kurt Russel Villanueva grew up on a tiny backwater Capellan world two jumps past Betelgeuse. He expected to spend his 20s reading comic books and hitting on various cute baristas. An invasion by mercenaries under House Marik changed everything. The local House Liao garrison drafted Kurt Russel and all his other community college friends into mech battle. Faced with overwhelming forces, Liao decided to retreat. With the grumbling acceptance of a colonized people, Villanueva and his lance were committed to the rearguard to defend the Liao evacuation of materiel. Taking their desperate place on the front line they were surprised to find the battlefields empty. The mercenaries had only come to take from House Liao, and with the sky full of lumbering Liao dropships the mercenaries had followed to pick them off at their leisure.

Abandoned by House Liao, officially deactivated but left alone with million credit mechs, Kurt Russel and his friends scattered amongst the stars to find more profitable battles and cuter waitresses.

Kurt Russel Villanueva

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