Captain Martha Radick

Commander of Martha's Batallion, Wolf's Dragoons Delta Regement.

With a round pleasant face, red hair and freckled complexion, Martha Radick is one of the last people you would think to find behind the control sticks of a BattleMech. Let alone as commander of one Battalion of Wolf’s Dragoons Delta Regiment. Currently assigned to Outreach for Refit, Repair and Rearming, Martha’s batallion is being reconstituted from units damaged during the recently ended Fed Com Civil War. The brutal fighting during that conflict saw heavy losses taken amidst many house and mercenary commands. Typically Martha will be seen in a one piece Star-League era Combat Jumpsuit. The suit’s superior cooling systems allowing her to stay relatively comfortable, even when the heat in her _Shogun_’s cockpit would have other warriors fainting from Heat Exhaustion.

Command: Martha’s Batallion, Wolf’s Dragoons Delta Regiment.

Battlemech: SHG-2H Shogun

Piloting: 3
Gunnery: 2


The Personnel Jacket for Captain Martha Radick indicates she is a home grown success story, coming from the Dragoon’s home world of Outreach, born in the 3030’s and joining the Dragoons by way of carrying on her Family’s tradition of service to the Unit.

Captain Martha Radick

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